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Text messaging is a powerful channel for sharing news, collecting feedback, and driving sales.

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Conversations that can convert into sales, revenue, and engagement

See why thousands of entrepreneurs, small businesses, and brands use Community to drive results for their business.

Rebecca Minkoff

Consider it the most intimate form of social communication. When we do something for our Community, they’re our highest converting audience.

Pinky Cole

"This is guerrilla marketing taken to the next level. Community is a safe space for a business or an entrepreneur to create a direct relationship and partnership with their customer."

Nectar Hard Seltzer

Email is dead. Most people aren’t responding to an email blast. This feels like you’re talking to a friend.

Power of text messaging at scale

Brand loyalty and relationships aren’t just built with automated messages. We give you the ability to have real interactions with your customers.

Pick the right plan for your business.

Create personalized experiences for every member of your community with powerful features that help you stay in touch with an audience of any size.

We invest in your success

Our Product Specialists will provide you with best practices, insights, and custom strategies to help you make the most of your Community and reach your goals.
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