Gary Vee Turns to Texting

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The internet’s favorite entrepreneurial voice has spoken.

“Text messaging is opened up for business.” - Gary Vaynerchuk

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pw: wearecommunity

Gary Vee is regarded for his inspirational advice and quote-worthy takes on all things entrepreneurial and related to digital media, so when he begins to champion the next big thing, it carries weight. After joining Community for less than a year, the results spoke for themselves.

“I’ve been in the Community ecosystem for the last 6 to 9 months. I’m sure many of you have been frustrated by Facebook or Twitter or Instagram as their algorithms have changed. The impact of driving awareness to content that I’ve been able to do with this Community with a couple hundred thousand people vs. 20 million social followers is an enormous delta.”

Community has allowed Gary to reach his audience in the most direct way possible. Communicating through text cuts through the noise commonly experienced in other communication channels—and it shows.

“This is the most powerful sh*t I’ve seen since early email… ”
“From somebody who has hundreds of thousands of people on text, I’m getting 98% open and 90% engagement... This was actually higher than I expected.”
- Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary recognizes the value of having his audience on text, which is why he’s promoted his number hundreds of times. As a result, Gary’s Community has grown 37 fold after his initial week numbers.

“If you’re lucky enough to have an audience and actually being able to deliver a message to them, then, this is a good idea.”

Ready for your own Community number? Just text us at (323) 310-2202.

And if you already have a Community, take a tip out of Gary’s playbook: the best way to grow is to continue promoting your number. Here are 30 times he found ways to make sure his # was front, center, behind the scenes, and everywhere in between:

Crowns & Hops
Beny Asburn & Teo Hunter
Founded by Beny Ashburn and Teo Hunter. Hunter & Ashburn disrupted the status quo of the craft beer industry, and built a brand that is bigger than beer - Crowns & Hops Brewing Co. Through curated events, content and premium product, Crowns & Hops Brewing Co. is the first ever craft beer brand that bridges communities of color, dope culture and craft beer.
Intersectional Environmentalist
Leah Thomas
IE is a resource + media hub exploring the intersections of social + environmental justice. The platform was founded by environmentalist Leah Thomas, who is based in Ventura, CA. Leah is also the founder of eco-lifestyle blog @greengirlleah.
Arreale Davis
A marketplace for handmade and one of a kind HBCU fraternity and sorority-related goods, with a focus on green marketing and environmentally friendly products.
Lybroan James & Gary Mack
A disruptive EdTech platform that provides training, services and assessment tools designed to help education professionals close learning gaps for underserved students by creating communities and culturally affirming learning environments through equity, innovation and engagement.
OldVine Florals
Itika Oldwine
Since 2017, Itika Oldwine has been creating blooming masterpieces and giving a modern twist to the flowery landscape of LA through beautiful floral designs.
Sip & Sonder
Shanita Nicholas & Amanda-Jane Thomas
The premier destination in Inglewood for creatives, entrepreneurs, freelancers, curators, and everyone in between to simply exist, grab a cup of coffee, connect, create, and put sonder into action. Its mindfully curated coffee and innovative programs and partnerships solidify Sip & Sonder as one of the premium coffee and lifestyle brands in Los Angeles and beyond.
Jennifer Pauline
A Black and Brown centered community and storytelling agency on a mission to amplify marginalized stories. As a support system for creators and founders, it also serves as a lifestyle brand and content platform that sits at the intersection of creativity and well-being.
Danai Pointer
A disruptive fashion and technology platform specializing in custom nude color-matching. Made in Los Angeles by a talented team of women, TruNude’s line includes sustainably made skin tone undergarments (t-shirt bra, bralette, panty) in luxurious, ethically sourced bamboo fabric.
Black Out the Ballot
Jen Bui & Vizion Jones
A Collective of Creatives committed to changing the infrastructure to ensure radical equity, social justice, and financial empowerment for disenfranchised communities.
Honey's Kettle
Vincent & Dr. Arlene W. Williams
This New, Old Fashioned business has been serving up fresh Honey's Kettle Fried Chicken for nearly 40+ years with locations in Culver City, Downtown LA and Hollywood. The Los Angeles food institution also offers hand rolled buttermilk biscuits, kettle cooked fries, locally sourced honey, sweet pickles, Ice-Shaker lemonade, secret sauce, shucked corn, and more.
As the co-founder and CEO of Community, I want to make sure our brand reflects what we truly stand for, not just in words, but in the actions we take. We exist to keep people connected to the conversations that they choose to be part of - we choose to connect with Black-owned businesses in SoCal.  For more information on Community or if you want to hear more from me, feel free to text me: 716-330-3003.

Other Leaders on Community include: Slutty Vegan; UNWRP; We're Not Really Strangers; Bobby HundredsThe Shade Room; Patrisse Cullors; Kerry Washington; and more

- Matt Peltier
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