Social media isn't
what we signed up for

It started as a friend request. Social media gave us a new way to communicate and connect with each other. Somewhere along the way, your conversations were sold. These days, your reach is limited to a small percentage of your audience. If you want to share your message with more people, you have to pay for your voice to be heard. Even then, what you have to say may be ignored or drowned out completely. Thank you, algorithms.

Let’s talk Social Messaging

We’re defining a new category of connection: Social Messaging. It's the ability to pair the simplicity of a text message with the scale of a social network. Communicate directly, hear what your audience has to say, and they’ll do the same. After all, sending a message sends a message.

Why Community?

We do not sell ads or personal data

We are focused on privacy and value trust, for you and your audience.

It’s what relationships are made of

Personalize your message based on location, gender identity, age, or interest.

No hidden agendas, no distractions

Just honest two-way communication that’s direct, instant, and real.

Your conversations are yours

Your Community phone number makes it easy to text one person in your community—or a thousand.
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