Why Community?

We do not sell ads or personal data

We are focused on privacy and value trust, for you and your audience.

It’s what relationships are made of

Personalize your message by location, gender identity, age, interest, and more.

No hidden agendas, no distractions

Just honest two-way communication that’s direct, instant, and real.

Your conversations are yours

Your Community phone number makes it easy to text one person in your community—or thousands.

A new way to market and engage

Community is a trusted marketing and communications channel that connects Leaders—global pop culture icons, local community organizers, small business owners, media companies, and brands—to their Members. Driving conversations that convert into actions, sales, revenue and more.

Instant and direct reach

Your authentic, unchanging, 10-digit phone number delivers your message instantly. Community provides innovative tools to communicate at scale. Anything you can send in a text message you can send using your Community number. Share photos, videos, audio notes, gifs, emojis, and text with your Members.
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