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Community is the SMS customer engagement platform that connects businesses, brands, political & public figures, creators, musicians, celebrities, and more, to their audiences at scale through a unique 10-digit phone number.

Community is led by Co-Founder, CPO and Interim CEO, Josh Rosenheck, who oversees its expansion to welcome Fortune 500 and the most innovative Enterprise companies onto its platform. The company was founded in 2019 by Guy Oseary, Ashton Kutcher, Matthew Peltier, and Josh Rosenheck. In 2022, Robert Wolf joined as Community’s Chairman.

Leadership Team

Josh Rosenheck

Co-Founder, Interim CEO

Tina Gentile

Interim CFO

Andreas Mahringer

VP, Operations &
Chief of Staff


Chief Legal Officer


SVP, Growth & Revenue

Adrian Martinez

Vice President, Marketing


VP, PR and Communications

Board of Directors










Alice Vilma




President & CEO


Senior Advisors

Brandon Copeland






Jay Rosenzweig






Our Platform

The Community Platform is an intuitive tool designed to help you engage and manage your audience. It allows you to segment your Members by interests, so you can send content that is tailored to their preferences. You can even set up automatic responses when Members text you certain keywords. Additionally, you can opt-out Members who send you inappropriate texts, report them to the Trust & Safety team, and block them from joining your Community again. Import and export data with ease, and take control of your audience data.

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Our Customers

Community is a versatile platform that can be used by a wide range of customers to achieve their specific goals. For example, musicians can use it to connect with their fanbase, share updates about their upcoming projects, and promote their music. Brands and businesses can use it to engage with their customers, share product updates, and conduct market research. Public figures, such as politicians and entertainers, can use it to connect with their supporters, share their thoughts and opinions, and build their personal brands.

What they're saying...

(707) 932-4826
Guillaume Huin,
Social Media Director, McDonald’s

“It’s the friend to friend text, that makes you feel like you hold an authentic and unique relation with someone, or in this case, with your favorite brand. Community allows that, and empowers your brand to be the friend, even sometimes confidant, that you want to be as a brand with your fans, taking our social media engagement one step further.”
(917) 809-4277
Anthony Cain Director of Integrated Marketing Strategy, HBO Max
“For the newest chapter of Gossip Girl we knew we wanted to do something future-forward to immerse audiences into the show. The instant and direct engagement on Community allowed us to do things like send text blasts with exclusive content and teasers to our fans at the exact same time that a blast was sent by Gossip Girl in the show, with so many fans commenting that this made the show feel truly “real”. Overall, Community worked to make the world of Gossip Girl feel real for fans, utilizing social media in the same way that it was depicted in the storyline - this was something truly unique to this medium.”
(310) 622-8683
Stephanie L. Young,
Executive Director WWAV

“Community has become an invaluable tool to help us reach voters where they are with critical information and through trusted messengers. As When We All Vote strives to change the culture around voting, we value how this platform sits at the intersection of tech and culture aligning with our mission and helping to deepen our impact.”
(718) 400-7118
Kerry Washington 
When director, producer, and actress Kerry Washington wanted to get even closer to her fans, she invited her 5+ million Twitter followers to text her directly. And two years later, Kerry’s still using Community to build a unique relationship with hers. 
Ahmad Akar, Odd Sox
"We don’t feel like we’re being vague and casting a wide net to everyone on social media. The kind of texts you’re going to get from me—it’s going to be like a friend."
(678) 846-3255
Piny Cole, Founder, Slutty Vegan
"This is guerrilla marketing taken to the next level. Community is a safe space for a business or an entrepreneur to create a direct relationship and partnership with their customer."

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