Manage your Audience

Organize your audience groups for effortless customization and targeting.


Use Communities to sort Members by interests so you can send content that they actually want to see.

Many Other Ways to Organize

Keyword responders

Respond automatically when Members text you certain keywords.

Response Clustering

Once you receive same or similar text replies from your Members, they will automatically be grouped together as clusters, so you can easily respond to all of them at once.

Individual Member Profiles

See your Members’ profile including which Communities they are part of.

Trust & Safety

Unsubscribe, Report, Block. 
Opt out Members that send you inappropriate texts. Report them to our Trust & Safety team. Block them from joining your Community again.

Manage your data

Easily import and export data from and to Community.

Custom Member Data

Import a CSV of your Members' data. We support the following data types: Plain text, Numbers, Date, and True/false.

Data Exports

Take the zero party data back to your systems through data exports or CSV. Supported data systems include Salesforce, Shopify, ActBlue, and more.

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