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Immerse your fans with in-world experiences in the highest engagement medium, direct to their text messages.

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Grow your Community with a full suite of integrations and fully compliant opt-ins. Engage your Community with advanced features that scale your ability to connect and convert in a meaningful way.

Advanced Audience Creation

Filter by age, location, favorite movie genre or TV shows, interests and other declared demographic information to make sure you are reaching the right people at the right time.


Geo-target your audience  to sell out private screenings, drive traffic to local theaters and IRL events.


Segment your audience by learning about their favorite TV shows, cast members, movie genres, streaming services they are subscribed to and more to super-serve them relevant content they actually care about!

Awards & Accolades

What Leaders are saying

Arnold Alan Klein
Director, Global Digital Marketing
Universal Pictures

“Audience engagement and insight are some of the most critical metrics for determining the success of a project. We knew that with the release of “The Black Phone,” we wanted to do something different as part of the theatrical campaign. The direct connectivity to our audience that Community provided quickly exceeded our expectations by providing incredible engagement rates and the ability to activate locally in key markets; it allowed our fans to have one-of-a-kind experiences that would not have been possible with any other platform.”

Anthony Cain
Director of Integrated Marketing Strategy

“For the newest chapter of Gossip Girl we knew we wanted to do something future-forward to immerse audiences into the show. The instant and direct engagement on Community allowed us to do things like send text blasts with exclusive content and teasers to our fans at the exact same time that a blast was sent by Gossip Girl in the show, with so many fans commenting that this made the show feel truly “real”. Overall, Community worked to make the world of Gossip Girl feel real for fans, utilizing social media in the same way that it was depicted in the storyline - this was something truly unique to this medium.”
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