General FAQ

What is Community? 
Community is a new conversation platform enabling direct and instant communication at massive scale, all through text messaging.
How does it work? 
A Community Leader receives their own 10-digit phone number. They can promote the number by posting on social platforms, sending an email, or simply providing it to those who want to join their Community.
When a Member texts in for the first time, they receive a customized message and a link from the Leader, prompting them to enter their contact info and opt-in to the Leader’s Community by saving their contact info.
The Community app lets them text their Members directly, building a more personal connection than possible on social platforms or via email.
Where is Community currently available? 
Leaders can access the platform from anywhere, whether they’re in the US or outside the country.
Currently, Members must be residents of the US or Canada and join with a US or Canadian number.

Leader FAQ

What kinds of media can I send?
Anything you can send over text, you can send through Community. You can send text messages, emojis, voice messages, photos, videos, GIFs, and links.
What are the character count limits?
For outbound messages, the character limit is 400 from the mobile app and 400 from the web dashboard.
Can I import phone numbers and emails into my Community?
We do not currently offer the ability to import contacts into your Community account. If you have a list of contacts that you’d like to join, consider sending a message through your existing communication channel inviting them to text your Community number.
Will my data be shared with other Community Leaders?
Your data will not be shared with other Community Leaders. Respecting the privacy of both our Leaders and Members is central to our values. We do not sell personal information. To find out more, please read our Privacy Policy.
How do I join?
Sign up here to get started.

Member FAQ

Is this a scam? I bet it’s just a chatbot…
Behind every Community number is a real Leader sending and responding to messages. You will receive automated messages during the registration process.
How is my data being used?
The data you provide when you sign up for a Leader’s Community is used by the Leader to send you personalized messages. For example, your date of birth enables a Leader to wish you a happy birthday. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.
How do I stop receiving messages from a Community Leader?
If you want to stop receiving messages from a particular Community Leader, send the message “STOP” (case insensitive) to their Community Number. 
You can later send the message “START” (case insensitive) to their Community Number to start receiving their messages again. 
If you want to stop receiving messages from all Community Leaders, email privacy@community.com.
I made a typo when I opted-in to a Community Leader. How do I change my contact info?
If you want to change your contact info (such as your name or city), email us at help@community.com
I’m concerned about a text I just received. How do I report it?
If you think a Community Leader is sending messages in violation of our Acceptable Use Policy, please email us at platform-integrity@community.com.
I’m still not comfortable with this. Could you delete my data?
If you want us to delete your information, please email privacy@community.com. Keep in mind that Community Leaders may still retain copies of your information, like your contact info and messages you have sent them, even after you have deleted the information from Community.