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Measure results that matter to increase lifetime value and satisfaction from your customers.

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Link tracker

Unlock the power of data-driven insights with our Community Link. Our solution turns your URLs into a powerful tool that gives you valuable information about how your members interact with your links. Get a better understanding of who you should target with your message and which links are resonating with your audience.

Cost Per Click

Designed to help you track the cost of each click on their SMS campaigns. With this feature, you can stay on top of your ROI by monitoring the expense of every click compared to Meta and Google, and allowing making informed decisions for optimal campaign results.

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Response rate

Gain insight into the success of your message campaigns and adjust your strategy accordingly with our response rate data. Generate more engagement by understanding which messages are resonating with your audience.

Media views

Track exactly which media your Members are engaging with most and target the right audience with it. Get the insights you need to understand your Members’ interests and increase their engagement with your content.

Stop rate

Make sure every message you send is valuable to your Members. With this feature, you'll be able to identify which messages cause your Members to unsubscribe, so you can tailor your campaigns and target the right audiences for better engagement.

Apple Tapbacks

Don't just send messages—get reactions. With our Apple tapback reactions feature, you can quickly identify which messages from your Members are resonating the most. With reactions like thumbs up, thumbs down, laugh, exclamation mark, and question mark, you'll know exactly how your audience engaged with your message.

UTM parameters

Make the most of Community and track user engagement with our automatically appended UTM params. Get insights into how your Community engagement is performing compared to other marketing tools.

Shopify Revenue

Easily understand and track Shopify revenue earned through Community text messages. You can see the total revenue earned and how many Members contributed to your Shopify revenue. Additionally, you can follow up with Members who have abandoned cart with a reminder message, helping you to maximize revenue for your business.


Gain a greater understanding of your Community with our powerful insights dashboard. Understand how many Members have joined your Community over time and their demographics including age, locations, and gender identity. Know your audience and which messages resonate with them.

Best hour of week

Start boosting your Member engagement rate today with our powerful Best hour of week feature. Plan ahead and send messages to your Members so you can maximize their engagement rate. Plus, you'll never have to worry about accidentally sending messages during quiet hours again - we'll give you a gentle reminder if that's the case.

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