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Direct Messaging

Reach your Members instantly. Build a genuine relationship through conversations.

Send Photos, Videos, Gifs, Voice Memos, Emojis and More...

Craft the perfect message using just about anything you can text a friend. Personalized interactions lead to memorable and engaging conversations with your Members.

Mark as Unread

Never miss a message again. Mark messages as unread so you can come back to them when you have time. Easily keep track of important conversations and ensure your members feel seen and heard.

Filtering Tools

Easily create filters that help you sort through your message inbox. No more wasting time scrolling through your inbox to find what you need.

AI Direct Message Generator

Our newest feature will recommend ways to respond to your Members using your conversation thread and tone of voice. Don't like their suggestions? Don't worry, you can always edit them to your liking and the tool will never send messages on your behalf.

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Targeted Campaigns

Engage the right audiences with the message they care most about.

Automated Birthday Messages

Help your Members celebrate their special day by sending personalized birthday messages. A one-time setup ensures your customers never miss a birthday message.

Demographic Segments

Make messages feel more authentic by sending targeted campaigns based on zero party data. This information such as name, city, state, age and gender identity, is provided by your Members during signup.

Custom Member Data Fields

Craft targeted messages based on your audience's unique declared interests, such as favorite artists or preferred products while collecting the data that matters most to your organization.

Insert {Dynamic Content}

Personalize your messages by inserting dynamic content like Members’ first name. You can also insert custom text, dates, numbers and more.

Most Active Members

Engage with your most loyal Members based on rich insights such as how recently they joined your Community, link clicks, and media view rates.

Join Date

Stay connected with your audience by keeping track of who is joining your Community. Easily identify people who joined your Community at a specific time and send them a personalized message.


Engage with your Members that are located in different timezones. That means no more waking up your audience too early in the morning or sending late messages at night.


Reach all your Members in the United States and Canada instantly. You can ensure that your message will be seen in a matter of minutes when they arrive in your Members’ message inbox.

Response Management

Features designed to optimize your time.

AI Campaign Summary

This innovative new feature leverages OpenAI to analyze Member responses and deliver actionable recommendations that boost engagement.

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Response Clustering

Easily sift through and respond to thousands of replies in no time using our artificial intelligence technology that groups similar messages together.

Message Follow-Ups

Follow up with your Members based on their response and link click activity. Simply go to your campaign and choose who you want to follow up with: Members who did or didn’t respond to your campaign or Members who did or didn’t click a link in your campaign.

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Full Text Search

Search for keywords in the messages you receive from your Members to find rich insights that can impact your bottom line from frequency to sender information.
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AI Message Generator (Beta)

Whether you need to send a quick update, gather first-party data, or drive link clicks and ROI from your audience – the AI Message Generator uses OpenAI’s artificial intelligence to help you craft personalized and engaging campaign messages.

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Get messaging suggestions based on your previous message content and  recipients.


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