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From large retailers to small businesses, record labels to sports teams, see how leading brands create value with Community

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Build your Community with tools that give your most valuable audience members the option to sign up when it's most convenient

Speak to your biggest customers

Text your audience like friends, and experience better engagement than email and social.

Bring your brand to life

We’ll offer helpful suggestions for messages to maintain engagement, making it easy for you to wish your Members a happy birthday, or welcome new Members to your Community.

Drive conversations that convert

Our powerful tools help you manage replies and inbound messages to help your audience feel heard
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DecoExchange sees 20% CTR and $50,000 in sales

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Connect to the customer journey

Build powerful digital experiences by connecting Community to the other platforms you use to serve your customers.
Get a 360 view of your highest-value customers by connecting Community directly with Salesforce.
Our Shopify integration allows customers to join your Community during checkout, and lets you see their recent purchase history from your Community dashboard.

Case Studies

Learn how leading brands text at scale powered by Community

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