Compliance & Deliverability

Confidently send messages from the product that’s built with TCPA compliance and the Campaign Registry in mind.

TCPA Compliance

Confidently send text messages that are compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) using our suite of built in tools that ensure the best experience for your Members.

Stop incoming messages

Stop keyword:
All Members can quickly and easily text the word "Stop" to unsubscribe from your Community. They won't receive any more messages from you, and you won't be able to send them a text again until they re-join your Community.

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Stop-intent keywords:
Similar to stop keywords, our stop-intent keywords make it easy for Members to unsubscribe from your Community. With just a few simple words, members can opt-out of receiving messages from you and be removed from your list. No more having to manually remove members one-by-one. Keep your Community up-to-date and ensure everyone is happy with our stop intent words.

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Send Verified Traffic

All Community numbers must register and be compliant with the Campaign Registry authority. Be a part of the sanctioned text messaging ecosystem in the United States and Canada, and send more messages at the fastest rate compared to Toll free and Short codes.

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