Driving Investor Engagement through Incentivized Community Building: How Battle Approved Motors Uses Exclusive Benefits to Attract Prospects

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Reinvestment Conversion Rate
Increase in Engagement


Looking to rapidly scale up, electric vehicle startup Battle Approved Motors launched an innovative marketing campaign designed to build an engaged community that would crowdfund capital investment and attract excited customers. By incentivizing referrals and engagement through social media, offering exclusive perks, early access to designs, and test drive events, Battle Approved Motors exceeded expectations — forging a loyal customer base and ambassadors to generate buzz. This allowed Battle Approved Motors to achieve their goals of increasing investments and engaged followers, which led to funding for R&D and facilities, enabling them to outpace  competitors.

How Battle Approved Motors Used Community 

Battle Approved Motors harnessed Community to create an exclusive investor group that offered special Members-only benefits, including early access to news and better investment terms. They leveraged Community's advanced segmentation features to identify and target their most valuable members. Through Community's scalable two-way messaging, Battle Approved Motors were able to personalize conversations with prospective investors and clients, fostering deeper relationships with their Community.

Success Metrics

  • 30% conversion rate for reinvestments
  • 5x increase in engagement compared to digital ads and email, making Community their highest performing marketing channel

Key Features

  • Segmentation to identify and target most valuable members
  • Scalable two-way messaging for personalized outreach
  • Ability to incentivize members with exclusive benefits like early access and better terms


By utilizing Community to build an exclusive investor group with special perks, Battle Approved Motors successfully boosted engagement and drove reinvestments. The platform enabled them to engage in targeted, personalized conversations to convert prospective investors and clients. Community became their best performing marketing channel, demonstrating the unique power that building an incentivized community can bring to a brand.

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