Bobby Hundreds

Fashion designer and streetwear legend Bobby Hundreds is well known for his lifestyle clothing brand, The Hundreds. As a brand that has been at the forefront of shaping street subculture, The Hundreds has amassed over 1M followers across social media channels. 

From the outset, Bobby has used Community to connect with his audience in a more personal and intimate way. He’s built trust and loyalty with his members by setting expectations, letting them know he’s responding to their texts, and sharing back proof on social media. As a result, his Community looks to him for guidance on all of life’s questions: entrepreneurship, career, inspiration, mental health, and more. 


In March of 2020, The Hundreds was planning for a warehouse sale, up until Los Angeles’ shelter-in-place announcement was made. Using the power of Community, Bobby quickly pivoted to an online sale by giving his members a three-hour head start before announcing it on all other channels. 

The result?

First 24 hours after announcement on Community:

73% Click-through rate

9.6% Conversion rate

Unlike Facebook (average click-through rate of 0.9%), social media (1% conversion rate for e-commerce companies), and email (2.3%), his Community’s conversion rate and revenue per session were, on average, 120% and 151% higher than email and social media combined!


Here’s the thing: These results were only made possible because of the time Bobby spent cultivating relationships with his members. While he had instant distribution on the most personal channel with a highly engaged audience, he never took it for granted.

With Community, every interaction can be the start of a meaningful conversation. Bobby is investing time into getting to know his audience, and they’re showing up when he has something to say. He’s creating space and providing value for his members in a way that is relatable—before sending them something promotional.

With the ability to reach people instantly on a channel we’re all familiar with, Community Leaders everywhere are driving impact through personal connection. 

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