Extratwopercent Records

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  • One of the best ways to leverage a Community number is by focusing on longevity instead of virality
  • extratwopercentRECORDS, an imprint under Cash App Records, did just this by naming their first album release after their Community number, making them the first label to do so
  • Beyond drawing attention to the number itself through the name of the album, there were a multitude of ways the label used Community to drive success — let’s take a look how they integrated their number throughout their campaign

Talent-Driven Growth

  • While the contact card itself is branded as extratwopercentRECORDS, the label granted its up & coming artists Swoosh God, Nessly, and Odalys access to the number to help build its initial Member base
  • The artists encouraged fans to text the # directly through their own social posts and bios
  • Each artist also had their own unique emoji, allowing fans to easily opt in to Communities for updates from specific artists

Merch Drop

  • Upon joining, Members were first rewarded by the artists who texted preview snippets of their songs, followed by wider teasers and CTAs about the album and its surrounding merch drop
  • Closer to release, the label leaked the password to their online merch store, a full spread of merch prominently featuring the phone number, through text

Limited Sneaker Release

  • In the days leading up to this leak, extratwopercentRECORDS also teased a giveaway to Members of an exclusive Nike Air Force 1, limited to 30 pairs
  • Members were sent a graphic with the sneakers that included the #, along with the text “Post this image (make sure the number is showing), tag @extratwopercentrecords + your size” leading to a multitude of Story mentions, driving a spike in number visibility and Member growth

Merch / In-Album Integration

  • extratwopercentRECORDS included their number prominently on all of their merch
  • The introduction to the album is even the number’s voicemail, a recording of Nessly picking up the phone and saying “I can’t hear you, just text me and I’ll hit you back.”


To maximize success on Community, an all-encompassing strategy from number visibility to Member interaction is crucial — here are a few steps you can take to build this kind of campaign:

  • Utilize all of your available channels and assets to drive long term growth
  • Create FOMO by giving Members exclusive and early access that they won’t get anywhere else
  • Incentivize and empower your Members to share your number so their friends and followers join as well
  • Include your number on physical products to increase real world visibility