Chris Harder's Business Generated $324k in 24 hours

Chris Harder is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur and the creator of the podcast The Chris Harder Show. In his podcast, he profiles financially successful people who use their money to better the world, and shares their stories and insider tips to inspire listeners to achieve their own wealth.   

In 2020, Chris and his wife, Lori, launched the Fast Foundations Mastermind, a $4,000 program educating entreprepreneurs on how to grow their business in its early stages. Prior to its launch, the Harders developed a 30-day sales plan for the course, which included using Community’s innovative technology to text at scale and to engage new, prospective customers.

Here’s what they did: the Harders used the Communities feature – an easy, powerful way to organize your Members (people who you text with) into subgroups based on interests – to build a dedicated group for those interested in the course. Leading up to its launch, the Harders sent voice memos and videos to the group and answered Members’ questions one on one, which kept the group engaged.

On launch day, they texted an early access purchase link that resulted in a 42.7% CTR and $324,000 in sales in 24 hours. By including their Community number in their overall sales strategy, the Harders were able to identify warm leads and engage with them for a few weeks, successfully converting Members into buyers.

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