ILLENIUM’s Community Drives +44% of his total Spotify Pre-Saves

In a time when the majority of live events and concerts have been brought to a halt, music artists have found new and creative ways to connect with their audiences. Internationally renowned DJ and producer ILLENIUM is one of the many musicians on Community reshaping the fan experience through direct engagement, generating measurable impact by texting with his Members.

In August, ILLENIUM gave his Community a sneak peek of the cover art for his new single, “Nightlight” and a chance to pre-save the song on Spotify. Of the 21,700 Members he texted, 10,395 clicked on the link to pre-save the song—an astounding 47.9% click rate! While he also shared the pre-save link to his social audience, which is roughly 1.7M followers across all channels, Community accounted for 44.2% of the pre-saves, even though he sent it to a segment that is 1.3% the size of his total audience on social.

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