Justin Baldoni and the Power of Connection

Actor, director and filmmaker Justin Baldoni is working to rewrite the narrative on masculinity. Caring deeply about the way his voice can have an impact on others, his TED Talk focused on vulnerability and directed towards men opened dialogue on this important topic and since then, he’s been using Community to continue the conversation.

His texts were timely when they reached Sue Aysenne’s son, Brennan. After multiple deaths in the family, Justin’s messages about “taking care of yourself” and how we must “find joy amidst the pain and the suffering” resonated deeply. 

Despite knowing they were one of thousands getting the texts, the video Justin sent through Community struck a chord and brought Brennan to tears. He proposed they thank Justin for his message, even if there was doubt he would reply… But he did.

Sue described getting the text back as “magical.” After Brennan responded, Justin continued the exchange by sending him a personal video. According to Sue, the video from Justin said, “It was okay to feel what he was feeling and how all of these experiences were defining him as a person.”

Vulnerability creates connection. And more than anything, that is what Community is all about. Community allowed Justin and the Aysenne family to form a direct and meaningful connection, helping them through a difficult time in their lives. 

Whether it’s a message to everybody, a group of people, or even just one person, Community texts are an opportunity to find new ways to connect with those who are eager to hear from you. 

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