100% Monthly Podcast Growth: How Matt Gottesman Leveraged Community to Turn Fans into Superfans

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Entrepreneur and thought-leader Matt Gottesman turned fans into superfans when he invited his social media followers to text with him on Community for a more personal and direct connection. With 98% open rates via SMS at scale, Matt grew his podcast 100% month-over-month on average, boosted course sign-ups, and primed members for upcoming book launches – all while providing regular inspirational messages and resources to foster deeper long-term engagement.

How Matt Gottesman Used Community 

Matt invited his social media followers to join Community and text with him directly, fostering a more personal connection. With Community's 98% open rates via scalable text messaging, Matt saw tremendous growth. He used his Community number to establish a more personal connection with his audience by providing special members-only content and exclusive offers to his workshops for those who opted in to receive texts.

Success Metrics

  • 98% open rate
  • 100% average month-over-month podcast growth
  • 300+ workshop attendees

Key Features

  • Scalable text messaging drives high open rates
  • Personalized conversations build deeper connections
  • Primed audience for launches and conversions


By leveraging Community's text messaging capabilities, Matt Gottesman established direct relationships with his fans, resulting in major growth across his podcast and other offerings. This personal approach cultivated more engaged superfans, leading to a remarkable month-over-month increase of 125% in podcast subscribers from 0 to 16.5K. Community provided the platform that turned casual followers into engaged brand evangelists.

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