Omaze X Gary Vee


Omaze, a leading fundraising platform, raises funds and awareness to support charities by offering everyone the chance to win once-in-a-lifetime experiences. They democratize the traditional charity auction by bringing it online and opening it up to a massive donor base. This model of incentivized giving translates into significant dollars and support for charities and organizations, while also driving global awareness for causes. Omaze is an innovator and pioneer in applying for-profit best practices to the nonprofit space - like effective marketing strategies -  all to drive real and sustainable impact. 

Traditionally, Omaze uses a mix of the conventional digital channels—email, social media, search engine marketing—to promote their campaigns and drive donations. To support Pencils of Promise, a nonprofit that works across the globe to build schools and create programs in an effort to provide education for all, Omaze teamed up with Gary Vaynerchuk—the internet’s favorite entrepreneur and one of the earliest users of Community.

Ever since Gary published “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” in 2013, the world has known about Gary’s foresight and aptitude when it comes to marketing. He is always at the forefront of new and innovative tech that drives high value for brand and marketing strategies-- which is what excited him about Community, the technology platform that powers direct and instant engagement via text messaging at scale. 

Communication through SMS text cuts through the noise commonly experienced in other communication channels—and it shows. On Community’s platform, there is an average open rate of 95%, click-through rate of 59%, and engagement rate of 39%. Our average CTR is 6.4x greater than email and 78x greater than social media!


Knowing that Gary has been a power user of Community, the team at Omaze suggested sending a text to his Members in the last week of the campaign, which raised an additional $23,000. 66% of the funds raised organically through Gary came from Community!

"This is the most powerful shit I've seen since early email... From somebody who has hundreds of thousands of people on text, I'm getting 98% open and 90% engagement... This was actually higher than I expected." - Gary V

When we look at how Community performed against other channels:

  • Drove 6.5X more donations than an Instagram post
  • Drove 20X more donations than a Tweet
  • Drove 4X more donations than a Facebook post
  • 7.5X more powerful than a single email

Conversational marketing is the evolution of social media marketing. Creating the opportunity to have real, two-way conversations at scale with your audience can improve your engagement, brand affinity, and improve your overall ROI. With the social media algorithms reducing organic reach by 95% and email open rates averaging 21.33%, SMS marketing provides an avenue for you to reach your audience reliably. Community is at the forefront of enabling you to have those personal conversations at scale, all through text messages.

If you’re ready to see what direct connection with your customers can do for you, text us at (323) 310-2202.

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