Primal Potential’s Daily Mindset Upgrade

Transformation Expert Elizabeth Benton of Primal Potential joined Community to make her coaching services more accessible to her audience in a new way. She began sending power-packed voice notes, offering honest and inspirational thoughts to her Community and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

“Community has given us an incredible opportunity to personally connect with our clients in a way that is most convenient to them - text message. The conversations we’ve been able to have over text have allowed us to take connection and service to another level” -Elizabeth Benton

With a loyal following of 300,000 podcast listeners, Elizabeth was able to bring in just under 1,000 Community members to engage with her in this new way. Quickly seeing the value these interactions provided, Elizabeth decided to take the idea one step further. 

Through her website, Elizabeth launched a subscription through a program called the Daily Mindset Upgrade. Delivering transformational coaching through Community, her paying audience received a daily voice note for $9.99 a month, allowing Elizabeth to help subscribers unlock their highest potential at a cost of less than 30 cents per day.

At the initial launch, 400 members signed up for the offer and Elizabeth utilized the Communities function to segment her subscribers and send messages customized for each group. With Community, Elizabeth stands to generate over $50,000 this year from the Daily Mindset Upgrade—now that’s a transformation.

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