The Home Edit Capitalizes on TV Success with Community

Clea and Joanna of The Home Edit launched their Community just months before they hit it big on Netflix. After the runaway success of their show, Get Organized with the Home Edit, the expert organizers began to attract a large, global audience to their brand. To capitalize on the moment, the entrepreneurial duo used Community to reach their expanded audience, inviting them to participate in a contest through texts.

"Text them a picture of your messy home for a chance to win a Virtual DIY + Zoom call with them!"

The Home Edit pulled 10 winners at random from over 8,000 people that replied with photos. Through our platform, submissions were tracked using the Communities function, segmenting anyone who sent “text your mess” into their own group. 

In addition to providing life-changing organization sessions to the 10 lucky winners, Clea and Joanna can continue to activate all of their fans in real-time by texting them directly. From updates about new seasons of their hit show to news about what else Clea and Joanna have on the horizon, the future is bright (and clean and organized) for The Home Edit.

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