Raise More Money with ActBlue, SMS, and Community
  • Drive donor engagement with two-way SMS texting.
  • Automatically thank donors and opt them into your list after donating.
  • Deepen donor relationships.
  • Have real conversations.
Unlike other SMS offerings, Community is not just an SMS marketing platform, it’s a two-way messaging platform that enables your donors to engage with you directly. This more personal touch builds engagement with your campaign and your brand in a way that other platforms and email can’t match.
Begin texting your donors right away with best-in-market SMS delivery
  • Community supports your existing donor list from ActBlue out of the box
  • We automatically add your new donors from ActBlue to your SMS Community
  • Community has market leading data cleaning and SMS deliverability to ensure your messages reach their destination
Target SMS campaigns by location, demographics, or total donation amount
Fostering a deep connection with your donors means addressing them personally. Community’s platform enables you to specifically target your donors by name, using location, demographics, or the total amount they have donated, and keeps them up to date through Community’s deep integration with ActBlue. Group donors by segments meaningful to you, or bring your own data to augment what comes from ActBlue.
Group your donors by total amount automatically
Build a more personal brand with your most loyal supportersEngage with each tier of donors differently
Use a Custom Welcome Series of SMS texts to automatically engage your new donors
Thank new donors, direct them to external campaign information or links, and add a more personal touch.
Community is home to some leading Democrats
Community is a valuable platform for politicians to connect with their constituents through text messaging. It allows them to ask questions, to express concerns, and to get updates on important issues through one-to-many or one-to-one text messages. It is used by some of the leading Democrats in the country, including President Joe Biden, Stacey Abrams, and President Barack Obama.

Click here to learn more about how politicians are using Community.

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