Calling All Community Leaders

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If you’ve found your way to our site and this blog, it’s likely a famous name led you here. Someone like President Obama, Gary Vaynerchuk, Kerry Washington, or Post Malone.

And while, yes, it’s true, some of the leaders on our platform are famous and have huge followings, most of them aren’t and don’t. 

Community is for everyone. 

Not all moments with meaning are part of some otherworldly, mega-stadium peak experience. In fact, we believe most meaningful exchanges happen in everyday conversation. And who we serve and what we help them do reflects this down-to-earth reality:

Like personal trainers texting workout programs to clients, having conversations about progress and challenges, and being able to share the right motivational message at just the right time. 

Or an optimistic fashion brand designing their Community Number into their July 2020 collection to promote mental health.

Or a food truck expanding into a brick-and-mortar business using a location filter to get feedback on which potential spot their fans prefer—and what specials they love.

Our average community size is 1,000. And we don’t underestimate that number for a second. (I mean, movies have been made about what 300 Spartans are capable of, let alone just one hobbit.) Communities of all sizes are capable of epic things—but only if you can reach them when you need to, in ways they respond to. 

How is it that, in this day and age, if you've built a community of 1,000 people who care about what you have to say, you don’t have a good way to reach them?

Email? Inbox overwhelm—ignore or archive. Social? Message suppression is the default, even when you pay to play. Owl Post? The mess is unbelievable. 

What would you do with total access, total reach, total control? How would you, your community, and your collective reasons for coming together grow and evolve? What could you achieve together when you’re not subject to tyrannical algorithmic whims that seem to shift with the wind? What if you could actually focus on what matters? The conversations, relationships, and quest at the heart of your community.

Calling all Community Leaders: we want to find out with you. Start building your community today. 

- matt

(716) 330-3003

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