Kerry Washington Celebrates 1 Year on Community

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Kerry Washington took to social media to celebrate a special anniversary: one year of giving out her phone number to anyone who wanted to text her. While this action may be deemed as what Kerry initially thought might be “crazy,” she enthusiastically reported “I’m so happy that I did it… I feel so much more connected and close to you...”

Kerry talks to her Community about a wide array of topics, texting about everything you’d imagine texting with a friend about, from workout regimens to TV shows to voting, music and red carpet moments. The difference is, when you’re part of Kerry’s Community, your friend is an award-winning producer, director and acclaimed actress.

When you join Kerry’s Community, she asks what you care about, allowing her to curate conversations that are most relevant to your interests. Community automatically groups keywords into segmented Communities, which lets Kerry do things like poll members within her “Fashion” Community on what she should pack for Sundance, and text just the parents in her Community about things related to “Mom Life.” 

Kerry's Welcome Text

During the premiere of her film American Son at Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Kerry had a few extra tickets and used Community to text her fans in the Toronto area. Those who responded were invited to TIFF, an interaction made possible by the immediate, direct communication that happens through Community.

With one year under her belt, Kerry’s excitement for Community seems only to be growing. We can’t wait to see what else she’ll bring to her Community. 

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Kerry is an investor in Community.